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The yellow beat is the most ordinary of all the beats in the BIT.TRIP series. This type of beat made it's debut in BIT.TRIP BEAT.



In BEAT, the yellow beat has a straightforward pattern. Throughout the levels, the yellow beat can appear at different speeds, and will commonly appear alongside other types of beats.


In CORE, the yellow beat behaves mostly normal. However, at points, they can stop in place or change direction in an attempt to fool the player.


VOID only contains Black Beats and White Beats. The equivalent of the yellow beat in VOID is a normal, unaltered black beat.


The yellow beat in RUNNER behaves as it does in the other games, but only travels at a single, fixed speed.

Runner 2[]

Similarly to RUNNER, the yellow beat moves at a fixed speed. However, it's color is different depending on the world.


In FATE, yellow beats are fired in straight lines in various pre-determined patterns.


In FLUX, yellow beats behave as they did in CORE. Mostly normal, but will try to confuse the player at times.