Bit.Trip Wiki

(For the PS4 and PS Vita re-releases of the same name, see The BIT.TRIP.)

The BIT.TRIP is the fifth and final Level in Runner2, and is deliberately designed to evoke the simple, voxel aesthetic of the original BIT.TRIP Hexalogy, most specifically, the original BIT.TRIP Runner. Though it is worth noting that the graphics are far more visually complex than what they're emulating. This world comes with two songs for its levels, being BIT.TRIP and Re-Fusion. It also has a unique overworld map theme similar to the other four worlds.

The world seems to resemble IMPETUS moreso than the other two worlds in Runner, which is odd considering the game is meant to take place between Runner and FATE chronologically. The background is a brilliant starry night sky, featuring the elongated commanders from CORE and several games of BEAT being played looming in the background.

CaptainVideo is this world's unlockable character and as such, he mans the checkpoints here.

It comes after The Mounting Sadds and is followed by PATIENCE in FATE, and Foodland in Runner3