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Included in nearly all Steam games are collectible image graphics referred to as Trading Cards which periodically drop for the players after purchasing games or content for games, alongside being able to be purchased in 3-card booster packs. The BIT.TRIP games were no exception.

Each game in the BIT.TRIP franchise, from BEAT all the way to Runner3 houses its own collection of Trading Cards which can be collected and exchanged for random rewards including Badges, Emojis, and Steam profile backgrounds. Additionally, a coupon for a randomly chosen Steam game may be gifted alongside any of the previous rewards.

Card Basics[]

Each game has a set number of standard Trading Cards as well as a complimentary set of gray "Foil" Cards. The Foil cards are exceptionally rare in comparison to the standard ones.

When a user obtains all of the cards in a set, that set of cards can then be crafted into a Badge. For the standard cards, they can be crafted into a standard Badge, which can then be leveled up to Level 5 by collecting all of the cards again five more times. Meanwhile, collecting all of the Foil cards will allow the user to craft a rare Foil Badge, which cannot be leveled up.

Crafting or leveling a badge will grant an additional reward in the form of a Steam Profile Background or Steam Chat Emoticon, randomly selected from a set dependent on the game in question.

The acquisition of the cards varies slightly depending on the game. The game will dole out a set number of random cards semi-regularly while it's being played. After that set number has been distributed, cards cease dropping, and can only be obtained via occasional booster pack distributions from then on. The single-card distributions can be reset by spending additional money on a game if possible.

Cards that have already been distributed can be traded or sold on Steam's Community Market, allowing players who have excess or have no desire to use them to redistribute them to other players who need them. Likewise, Booster Packs can be purchased as well.



BEAT has a total of ten trading cards, including five standard cards and their rare Foil variants. These include CommanderVideo, Paddle, Transition, Descent, and Growth. The first two feature artwork of the respective entity, whereas the latter three show artwork of the posses for each respective level.



BEAT has ten rewards, not counting any coupons that can be awarded randomly. These include five emoticons for Steam Chat, being the Paddle, text reading BOSS, a standard Yellow Beat, text reading GAME OVER, and a square graphic featuring the BIT.TRIP Rainbow, alongside five profile backgrounds, some of which are original artwork, while others use screenshots of the game's cutscenes.