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Sadbot as pictured in his introductory post.

Sadbot is a playable character in Runner3. It can be unlocked by completing Radbot 's Hero Quest in level 3-3. It appears to be a robot made out of junk and spare parts. As a result, it cannot talk, but communicates through the language of dance.


  • Sadbot was originally introduced as Radbot's son , created as a proxy since he was too large to run with the Commanders in Runner3. However this relationship is never revealed in-game and seems to have been scrapped, with Radbot referring to Sadbot as just his "pal".
  • Sadbot's signature dish is "Durian tartare", which is just raw durian.
  • It seems to have a hobby for beekeeping, revealed in the description for its beekeeping costume.
  • Sadbot goes by multiple pronouns in the course of Runner3, with Radbot using "it/its", "they/them" being used in the ending, and "he/him" in some of his costume descriptions.