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The box art for the North American release of BIT.TRIP SAGA.

North American box art.

BIT.TRIP SAGA is a compilation of all 6 classic games developed by Gaijin Games (now Choice Provisions) for the Nintendo 3DS. It released on September 13, 2011, and was published by Aksys Games in North America. The PAL version released on March 12, 2012, and was published by Rising Star Games.

Games Included[]


SAGA lacks many features compared to BIT.TRIP COMPLETE, including all Challenges and Bonus Content. The only new features included in SAGA include stereoscopic 3D support and new control schemes. SAGA was also the first time the BIT.TRIP series came to a portable system.


As the BIT.TRIP series was never designed for dual-screen systems, only the top screen shows gameplay. The bottom screen is reserved for a display of the current MODE, as well as touch controls on compatible games. These include BEAT, FATE, and FLUX.

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