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BIT.TRIP Presents... Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien (often shortened to simply Runner2 for brevity sake) is a 2013 standalone sequel to BIT.TRIP RUNNER that occurs in between RUNNER and FATE (though it has been stated to be non-canon). In keeps all of the same central gameplay bytes as its predecessor, with the addition of some new abilities and level design, as well as a completely overhauled graphical style.

In it, CommanderVideo ends up in a 3D world and must find his way back home while also helping the people of this new, whimsical world.

It was followed in 2018 by another standalone sequel, Runner3.


BIT.TRIP Presents: Runner 2 Future Legend of Rhythm Alien takes place directly after BIT.TRIP RUNNER and right before BIT.TRIP FATE. As Commander Video and his friends are chasing Timbletot into the Hyper Sphere, Timbletot shoots them with a Reality Unfusion Beam. Commander Video, shielding his allies gets teleported to an unknown dimension. After thinking about his situation he decides to move on and goes to the Welkin Wonderland. After beating Timbletot in the Welkin Wonderland, he begins to fall to the planet below and ends up in the Emerald Brine. Once Timbletot is defeated in the Emerald Brine, Commander Video than makes his way into a forest called The Supernature. Defeating Timbletot once again he finds his way underground to the Mounting Sadds. Defeating Timbletot a fourth time, he finds a portal which takes him back to a place similar to his home dimension, The BIT.TRIP. After beating Timbletot for one more final time Commander Video leaves The BIT.TRIP and returns to his friends literally one frame later where no time has passed for them, while it has been 15 months for Commander Video.

Playable Characters[]

Playable characters include

  • CommanderVideo
  • CommandgirlVideo
  • Unkle Dill 
  • Whetfart Cheeseburger
  • Reverse Merman
  • CaptainVideo
  • RetroCommanderVideo (Effects on him are exactly like BIT.TRIP RUNNER)

Along with new unlockable costumes for all characters except for Retro Commander Video.


All modes that appeared in BIT.TRIP RUNNER appear here as well, with the notable exception of Nether. Multipliers are the same too in both games.

Preorder Bonuses[]

Players who pre-purchased Runner2 on Steam prior to February 26th would receive a copy of the game, a 10% Off Coupon for the Steam Store, and a free copy of the original BIT.TRIP RUNNER to either keep for themselves or gift to a friend.

Additionally, players who also partook in Valve's Team Fortress 2 would receive a pair of BIT.TRIP-themed sneakers for the Scout and Demoman called the "Buck Turner All-Stars". They appear as Team-Coloured sneakers (that being, either Red or Blue depending on the player's team) with the characteristic BIT.TRIP rainbow present on the rears of the shoes. These items can still be obtained in the game via various means, but only in Unique Quality, with the Genuine versions no longer being distributed.


Runner2 recieved very positive reviews ranging from 8 to 10s. Its Metascore is 85.


  • The game's rather unorthodox subtitle was chosen to poke fun at the way Western games' titles are altered in Japan. In an interview, when asked if the title would be unaffected by the Japanese localization, Choice Provisions' Mike Roush stated that he believes the result will be even worse.