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Side note: Radbot appeared in World 2-7 of RUNNER: Radbot.

Runner - Radbot

Radbot's first appearance in RUNNER

Radbot is a friend of CommanderVideo. Not much is revealed about Radbot. In FATE, Radbot is replaced by Mr. Robotube.


Radbot appears in Runner3 as a secondary character. His Hero Quest involves the player fetching three pieces of his "pal" Sadbot and putting them back together. Completing his quest unlocks Sadbot as a playable character. He also asks you to free him from his prison, but even after defeating Timbletot there is no way to do this, and he is never shown being freed in the ending.

In the Machineland Puppet Show, Radbot retires from adventuring with the Commanders and returns to his home, Machineland. There he runs for ruler of Machineland, which he wins and becomes the "Official Measuring Instrument of the world". Unfortunately, his position is stolen by Reverse Mermech and he is imprisoned.


Radbot returns in BIT.TRIP RERUNNER. Radbot does exactly the same thing from the original RUNNER.


  • Radbot's Runner3 model has the top of his head flapping open and closed. This may be him "talking", or a reference to Robotube being "inside" Radbot.
  • In Radbot's prison he has hung up a picture of Gladbot. Why this is, and what the relationship between them is, is currently unknown.