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The Paddle is the first (and last, chronologically) playable character in the BIT.TRIP series and has made a few non-playable appearances elsewhere. It is a vertical bar 1x4 in pixel dimensions, and appears in numerous colours, most consistently orange.

The Paddle represents integrity as an individual, the ability to hold one's ground and repel opposition. As the Paddle's purpose is to repel Beats, this ties into gameplay and story about as well as one could hope.

As a developing person, CommanderVideo used his Paddle to shield himself from harmful Beats that threatened to impede his growth. And though the Paddle didn't appear in CORE or VOID, it made its return as CommanderVideo's Shield ability in Runner, where it once again served to bounce away incoming Beats. The Paddle would then go in to make its final appearance, once again as the playable character in FLUX, where it protected CommanderVideo's soul as he made his way to the afterlife.