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Runner - Meat Boy

Meat Boy's first appearance in RUNNER

Meat Boy is the main protagonist of the Meat Boy series of video games created by Edmund McMillen of Team Meat. Due to McMillen's involvement with the development of BIT.TRIP RUNNER, Meat Boy was included as a guest character in that game, as well as FATE and Runner2. In return, CommanderVideo would appear as an unlockable character in Team Meat's Super Meat Boy.


Meat Boy appears several times in the background of the Level TRIUMPH, amongst the ground-level construction. He always has a trail of his blood nearby. He also appears during the final level of the game, providing a platform for CommanderVideo to bounce on in his pursuit of the Timbletot. At the end of the game he, alongside CommanderVideo, CommandgirlVideo, Junior Melchkin and Radbot fly off together into the cosmos to chase after the Timbletot.


In FATE, Meat Boy accompanies CommanderVideo and co. as they chase after Timbletot, picking up from the previous game. Meat Boy serves a more active role this time around, functioning as a power-up. When active, Meat Boy changes CommanderVideo's Laser Beams into a single large beam that deals extra damage and pierces through enemies, emitting a deep subbass sound, which can be upgraded to be even larger in GIGA. The bullet has the unique attribute of being able to destroy enemy bullets, which makes this the most favoured power-up in the game. He doesn't appear at all in the final cutscene.


Meat Boy makes a cameo as one of the abstract figments in CommanderVideo's ether. He is a dull red square which slowly begins drifting away as CommanderVideo is pulled further and further from the physical world. Despite CommanderVideo's attempts to stop it, Meat Boy, alongside the other figments present, eventually leave the screen.


Meat Boy only makes brief cameos in the game's opening and ending cinematics. Dr. Fetus, Meat Boy's adversary, appears in this game as a playable character, purchased as part of the Good Friends DLC pack.


Meat Boy returns in BIT.TRIP RERUNNER to look slightly more accurately to what he looked like in the super meat boy cover around 2010. Meat Boy still helps CommanderVideo to chase the Timbletot in a new design.