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Junior Melchkin (also written as Jr. Melchkin) is a supporting character in the BIT.TRIP series, starting with Runner, with his latest appearance being in Runner3. He also made an appearance alongside CommandgirlVideo in MiniVisions' Woah, Dave!

In Runner, he appears in the background of several stages, as well as in the cutscenes of the game, and aids CommanderVideo in his final fight with Timbletot.

In FATE, Junior appears as one of four power-ups for CommanderVideo. When picked up, he will replace CV's standard lazers with piercing beams.

In FLUX, he appears in abstract form as one of the people CommanderVideo must let go of in order to ascend into the afterlife.

Though mostly absent, he does appear in a couple of cutscenes in Runner2, referencing his role in the first Runner.

Junior later appears in Runner3 in level 3-5, Girdle Springs Eternal where he gives the player a Hero Quest to find his three lizards with a password written on their backs so that he can access Machineland's wifi and watch his stories. Completing his request will unlock The Defector as a playable character.

Additionally, it was later revealed in a Runner3 Twitch AMA that Junior Melchkin was planned to be a playable character in Runner3. It is not known why he was cut, however.