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EXPLORATION is the second Level in BIT.TRIP CORE. The background, contrarily to DISCOVERY, and especially CONTROL, doesn't change depending on the current Stage, but rather tells a continuous "tale" throughout the entire level, similarly to BEAT's Levels. It consists of a natural pit/canyon with satellite radars, connected to fluid tanks or tubes, scattered in a circle around a giant structure resembling an antenna or a radar of sorts in the center, that builds itself up as the small radars shoot rays at it, for itself to shoot an enormous beam straight at the sky. possibly a nod to Missile Command, the game on which the boss is based on. All of it is, strangely, exponentially better visible in BIT.TRIP Saga.

It comes after DISCOVERY and before CONTROL.

This Level is, while subtle enough to not notice it at first glance, ridiculously more difficult than DISCOVERY and tries to alienize the player, and everything that ever happens in EXPLORATION reflects this, from the cutscene to the strange background, to the weird trail and Beat colours and to the depressing tune.

The music is a lot more intense, yet slower, and sadder than DISCOVERY, probably reflecting CommanderVideo's struggle to fit into the world he was born into, and thus to an interpretary extent the player trying to beat this Level.

If you manage to hit all the rainbow Beats, the five bars will appear from left to right, then they will flash in the following order: blue, cyan, orange, green; red will slowly light up afterwards. A strange distorted sound followed by low regular beep-like beats ending off with a progressively louder and higher-pitched sound resembling a car wheel driving will play, and move on to the next stage and the next part of the music. If you don't, the bars will dullly appear from right to left and disappear, and you'll hear a progressively lower-pitched regular dampened beat accompanied by quiet percussion, then you'll play the next stage normally, but with the same music track as the previous one.


CommanderVideo looks at the ground, hopeless, then two slightly taller CVs, one green and one red (better recognizable, again, in BIT.TRIP Saga), offer him to take their hands, to which he seemingly reluctantly agrees. The three fly away, and CommanderVideo looks upwards to his goal again.

Actual plot: As a child, CommanderVideo has a hard time to fit into the rest of the world, but his parents come to help him, which he needs but doesn't appreciate.