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EPIPHANY is the first Level of BIT.TRIP FLUX. It consists of 8 stages, with the 8th culminating in a boss fight. The background consist of a rotating cube, with each MODE pushing deeper and deeper inside of it.

It is preceded by FALL and followed by PERCEPTION.


Stage 1[]

Stage 2[]

Stage 3[]

Stage 4[]

Stage 5[]

Stage 6[]

Stage 7[]


Breakout Pong[]

The Paddle moves forwards a bit and a wall of blocks surrounding one large block appear behind it, the same occurs with the opponent Paddle on the opposite side. A Beat appears and the competition begins. The objective is to hit the bricks behind the opponent Paddle to expose the large brick, which will complete the level once it's stricken, meanwhile preventing the same from happening to the player's Paddle.

Hitting the Opponent's bricks, as well as completing a rebound (getting the ball behind the opponent's wall without hitting the large brick) will fill the MODE-Up bar, whereas having the same happen to the Player will cause the MODE-Down bar to fill instead. The Beat hitting either paddle does not affect either MODE bar. And having the Beat strike either of the two large bricks will result in the defeat of that Paddle. In the Player's case, it causes a RESET, while the Opponent's defeat completes the Level.

Known Bugs[]

Steam Version Boss Bug[]

The Steam version of FLUX is impossible to complete for most users. Due to an, as of yet unknown bug in the game's programming, the first boss simply reacts too quickly to miss a shot, only doing so in extremely specific circumstances which are impractical for players to pull off consistently.

Choice Provisions are aware of this bug and have delisted FLUX from Steam's storefront until a solution can be found, although the Steam version is still available on Humble. Because of this, we advise players purchase the game and seek a DRM-Free copy of the game, such as the one included in the NerdBlock compilation disk, which does not possess the glitch.