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EGO is the second Level of BIT.TRIP VOID. Like all the Levels in VOID, it contains three stages, the last of which has a boss at the end. It is named after the Ego, the second of Freud's three aspects of the human psyche. In terms of function, the Ego serves as a mediator between the indulgent Id and the disciplinary Super-Ego. Although in the context of the game, "EGO" refers instead to the social construct of Ego, which is a person's own opinion of themselves, and how it can dictate their behavior.

It comes after ID and before SUPER-EGO.


The cutscene depicts a group of CVs running together with Auras connected together and forming a rainbow. Then giant CommanderVideo with a red aura and multicolorred static in his visor rams and ejects them. Then the group comes back and form a CV the same size with a green aura. Red CommanderVideo moves his head to tell him to scuttle off, but green CV grows again and looks down on him, and red CommanderVideo shrinks to his original size. Together, people are much stronger.

Actual plot: Still a child, CommanderVideo keeps acting antisocially and egoistically, but the others join up against him, and he understands that he is but one man.

In comparison to ID where you can become easily huge in the blink of an eye, EGO is much more strict. You have to stay small most of the time, with constant threats of white beats touching you, and the boss is pushing that even further: you get bigger with every black Beat on the way, but there are very tight walls of white beats forcing you to pop all the time. Since the size of the Void represents CommanderVideo's Ego, this level is showing, like the cutscene, that CV can't just act however he pleases and be full of himself constantly.