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(For the game of a similar name, see BIT.TRIP CORE.)

Cores are a central artifact in the BIT.TRIP series, appearing in several entries. They come in two varieties, both representing different ends of the principle of humanity. Red Cores represent self and confidence, while Pink Cores represent life and vitality.

The Red Core first appears as the playable character in BIT.TRIP CORE, succeeding the Paddle from BIT.TRIP BEAT. It demonstrates the ability to fire laser beams from its branches. Unlike the Paddle, which repelled Beats, the Core was capable of outright destroying them. In this manner once could consider it to be like that of an immune system, and the Beats like germs that threaten to harm the young CommanderVideo.

The Pink Core first appears in BIT.TRIP Runner as a collectible pickup. Unlike most games in the series, these pickups are directly tied to the game's MODE mechanic. As CommanderVideo grabs them, he continues to MODE-Up until reaching EXTRA. There are four laid out through every level of the game. They would later return in Runner2, though they would ultimately be replaced by Boom Boxes in Runner3.

Both varieties of Core appear in FATE, where the Red Core functions as CommanderVideo's hitbox (as well as the possible source of his lasers), while Pink Cores appear dropped from defeated enemies. The Pink Cores serve the same purpose as in Runner, albeit their effects are far less dramatic, requiring many times more to MODE-Up than the one-per-MODE seen in Runner. Additionally, they are more optional in this game due to the act of merely landing shots being able to fuel the MODE-Up bar.