CommandgirlVideo is a character appearing in several BIT.TRIP games up to date, as a female counterpart to CommanderVideo. She was seen standing in the background of BIT.TRIP RUNNER and appeared as a power-up in BIT.TRIP FATE. Since she is the only female character appearing in any BIT.TRIP, it is suspected that she and CommanderVideo have a relationship of some sorts. However, Choice Provisions has not given any confirmation on this.

Appearances Edit

  • Bit.Trip RUNNER Background appearance in "Triumph"
  • Bit.Trip FATE Power-Up for CommanderVideo.
  • Bit.Trip FLUX Brief appearance in start of level, "Epiphany".
  • RUNNER2 Playable character, unlocked from the start.
  • Runner3 Playable character from the very beginning.


Runner - Commandgirl Video

CommandgirlVideo helping Commander Video in RUNNER

CommandgirlVideo helping Commander Video in RUNNER, world "Triumph", level "The Source".In the boss level of world "Triumph", CommandgirlVideo can be seen helping CommanderVideo reach the top of the rooftops to confront the boss.


Screenshot (17)

CommanderVideo gaining help from CommandgirlVideo. Level "Patience", mode GIGA.

In FATE, CommandergirlVideo can be seen flying with Radbot, Meat Boy, Junior Melchkin, and CommanderVideo. During CommanderVideo's trip through the cosmos, CommandgirlVideo can be used a power-up, her power is a wide range area that only shoots in 2 directions. In GIGA mode her power shoots in a circular wide range.



CommanderVideo's friends together as they come and find CommanderVideo.

At the start of "Epiphany". CommandgirlVideo can be seen, along with CommanderVideo's other friends. CommanderVideo friends slowly disappear, except for CommandgirlVideo. As she disappears, CommanderVideo tries to stop her, but fails.

BIT.TRIP Presents: Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm AlienEdit

In Runner2, CommandgirlVideo returns as a starter character along with CommanderVideo. She has the same exact moveset as CommanderVideo, with different unlockable costumes.

Runner3 Edit


CommanderVideo and CommandgirlVideo cooking in Runner3.

In Runner3, CommercialVideo is a starter character alongside CommanderVideo.