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CommandgirlVideo is a supporting character in the BIT.TRIP series. She is the only definitively female member of CommanderVideo's species, possessing unique sexual characteristics when compared to others. While she was believed to be a love interest for CommanderVideo, Choice Provisions have since clarified that the two are mearely close friends.


In Runner and FATE, she appears mostly identical to CommanderVideo. The differences lay with her feminine attributes. She possesses a light pinkish-iris skin tone, a noticeable breast hump when facing to the side, and a black beauty mark below her visor. Additionally, she's the only member of her species to be shown wearing clothing prior to Runner2's release.

In FLUX, she appears in the opening cutscene of Epiphany as a simplified shape alongside Radbot, Meat Boy, and Junior Melchkin. She is merely a rectangle with her usual skin colour.

In Runner2, her design, much like CommanderVideo's, was overhauled to fit the fully 3D aesthetic of the game. She was given a cylindrical head and a shapely feminine body. Her breasts are arranged in a "monoboob" formation, implying her skin is clothing. She was given shoes and wristbands to match CommanderVideo as well, coloured a light blue colour.

In Runner3, her design remains mostly unchanged, barring some refinements. Her head was made slightly more square, with rounded corners. Her hands were given individual fingers and her shoes were given more detail, including rolled up socks on her ankles. Her body is even more detailed, including defined buttocks with noticeable blush on them.


BIT.TRIP Runner[]

Runner - Commandgirl Video

CommandgirlVideo helping Commander Video in RUNNER

CommandgirlVideo is first encountered in World 3, Triumph, as the final ally that CommanderVideo recruits. She appears several times throughout the world, and makes an important appearance in the final boss battle, where she supplies a bounce pad to aid CommanderVideo in his fight with the Timbletot.


Screenshot (17)

CommanderVideo gaining help from CommandgirlVideo. Level "Patience", mode GIGA.

In FATE, CommandgirlVideo serves as one of four power-ups the player can collect, which alter the way the player's shots fire. In her case, she changes CommanderVideo's parallel shots to a pair of conical spread shots that fire in opposite directions, granting more coverage at the cost of straight accuracy. In GIGA, the power-up is granted two more spreadshots on top and bottom, making for a full circle of shot coverage. Additionally, like other power-ups, CommandgirlVideo orbits CommanderVideo and is capable of absorbing Beats and picking up Cores for Commander Video.



CommanderVideo's friends together as they come and find CommanderVideo.

At the start of "Epiphany". CommandgirlVideo can be seen, along with CommanderVideo's other friends. CommanderVideo friends slowly disappear, except for CommandgirlVideo. As she disappears, CommanderVideo tries to stop her, but fails.

BIT.TRIP Presents... Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien[]

In Runner2, CommandgirlVideo appears for the first time as a playable character, available right from the beginning of the game alongside CommanderVideo himself. She, like all other characters, plays identically to CommanderVideo. Her Rainbow Cape in this game appears as a more pastel-coloured variant of CommanderVideo's.



CommanderVideo and CommandgirlVideo cooking in Runner3.

In Runner3, CommandgirlVideo is a starter character alongside CommanderVideo, just like in Runner2.