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CommanderVideo's Species are a race of aliens featured throughout the BIT.TRIP series. Notable members include CommanderVideo, CommanderVideo's Parents and CommandgirlVideo. CommandgirlVideo is the only definitively female member of the species shown, though her appearance may be the result of cosmetic work. (Commanders normally don't have a gender or sex)

Little is known about the species beyond a few key details. They can grow to be at least 12 feet tall individually, and can merge with one another to grow even larger. Their skin is typically black and they possess a white visor-like optic to see. The optic can turn red when the commander is enraged. Additionally, they are capable of firing lasers from their optics. In commanderVideo's case, he may possess red blood as his buttocks exhibit a faint red blush in Runner3.

CommandgirlVideo is the only commander seen with pink skin. Additionally, she possesses visible breasts and a beauty mark below her optic.

It is unknown if CaptainVideo is a member of the species or not.