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CommanderVideo (sometimes written as COMMANDERVIDEO, or Commander Video with a space, and often referred to as CV for brevity's sake) is the main character and mascot of the BIT.TRIP franchise, created by Choice Provisions (formerly Gaijin Games). Each game is told from his point of view as he grows and develops as a person. Though despite this, he himself is only playable in Runner, FATE, Runner2 and Runner3.

It was largely believed that CommandgirlVideo was his romantic interest. Choice Provisions have since clarified that the two are simply good friends.


CV is a complicated individual, always changing from game to game. In BEAT, he was dim and uncoordinated as an infant. In CORE, he slowly gained a sense of independence and self that enabled him to venture forth in the intimidating world he lived in. In VOID, he initially let his ego run freely, but when he realised his selfish behavior negatively affected others, he learned to be more humble. In Runner, his personality remains mostly unchanged, and he goes on an adventure with his newfound friends, however, he is eventually faced with the reality that some people don't want to be friends, and only wish to bring harm to others. In FATE, he has to come to grips with that fact, and he develops a consuming anger and ultimately sacrifices himself to ensure the death of an adversary. In FLUX, CV is dead, and his spirit has to come to grips with the finality of his actions in life, and he thus learns to let go of the things that connected him to the living world.

In Runner2 and Runner3, CV is mostly unchanged from his persona featured in the original Runner, being lively, adventurous, and always willing to lend a helping hand.


CommanderVideo was deliberately made to invoke the design philosophy of first generation video game consoles, namely the Atari 2600. His appearance is very simplistic, even moreso than the graphical styles of the 8-Bit era. He is a black rectangle with spindly pixelated arms and legs and a small, rectangular white visor positioned perpendicular to his body.

For his appearance in Runner2, he gains a more defined, three-dimensional design. His body shape is more akin to a cylinder, his arms and legs gain definition, and he acquires athletic bands on his wrists and sneakers on his feet. This design would go on to be utilized in all of his major appearances after the release of Runner2.

Notably, during the development of Runner2, CommanderVideo's redesign was set to have a more cuboid head, and a grittier, creepier body with textured fingers. The design was ultimately scrapped due to "rendering issues". It was later recycled for CaptainVideo in the same game.

For Runner3, CommanderVideo's design was slightly updated from Runner2. He now has defined, four-fingered hands, and his shoes were made into more detailed high-top sneakers modeled after Converse. The colour of said shoes and his wristbands have been changed from red to a duller orange colour. Smaller details include his head, which has been slightly squared, making it less cylindrical than in Runner2, as well as his butt gaining more defined cheeks complete with blush spots.

CommanderVideo's voice is heard at the end of the first three games, and all throughout Runner and FATE. It is very deep has a light echo, with a layering effect that sounds Legionesque. He says "I AM ONLY A MAN." in BEAT, "I AM NOT ALONE." in CORE, and "I AM READY!" in VOID. In Runner, he shouts the name of his current MODE upon picking up a Core, those being MEGA, SUPER, ULTRA, and EXTRA. The game lacks a NETHER MODE and HYPER is the starting MODE, so those are never spoken. In FATE this trend continues, with CV shouting the names of all of his available MODEs this time; alongside the previous four, HYPER and NETHER are shouted, and the new GIGA is shouted with great enthusiasm. In Runner2 and 3, his voice is instead replaced by a harmonious chorus that sings each MODE, including HYPER when hit.


  • CommanderVideo, for a time, was erroneously referred to by fans as "CaptainVideo". This misnomer was not lost on Choice Provisions, who would include a character by the same name in Runner2.
  • According to Choice Provisions, CommanderVideo is canonically 12 feet (3.65m) tall, black and has the ability to shoot energy beams from his visor.