CommanderVideo in RUNNER and FATE.

CommanderVideo is the BIT.TRIP series' mascot, and the protagonist of all the games. He is playable in the games BIT.TRIP RUNNER and BIT.TRIP FATE, but he only appears in cutscenes in the other BIT.TRIP games. He is a black pixelated character with a single visor-like eye, who sometimes leaves a rainbow-like trail as he runs. His abilities vary depending on the game; in RUNNER, he can jump, slide and kick his way past obstacles, whilst he can shoot them in FATE. He appears as a playable character in Super Meat Boy, where he has the ability to hover in mid-air for a short time. He dies in FATE and returns to his home to be "reborn" during FLUX.

It is believed that he might have a relationship with CommandgirlVideo. Choice Provisions has stated that they're just good friends.


Screen Shot 2013-02-26 at 11.42.33 PM

CommanderVideo's redesign in Runner2.

CommanderVideo returns as the main character of Runner2 with a new art style. In the events of the story, he is hit with a "reality un-fusion beam" that teleports him to another dimension, where the Mingrawn Timbletot tries to enslave him. He gains new moves, such as the ability to kick while sliding and a "dance" function that gains him extra points in exchange for a short period of not being able to preform other actions. CommanderVideo also seems to have new little detail on him such as wristbands and sneakers and is shown to have a cylindrical body.

Trivia Edit

  • According to Choice Provisions, CV is canonically 12 ft tall, black and has the ability to shoot energy beams from his visor