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CONTROL is the third and final Level of BIT.TRIP CORE. The background changes at each Stage transition, and each background's animation is for the most part, if not fully looped, apart from the moving camera. It consists of structures floating in the air (Stage 3's central structure posesses a giant platform underneath, itself probably floating). The majority of them have a similar look to EXPLORATION, a few others share DISCOVERY's colour palette and mechanical looks.

It follows after EXPLORATION and comes before ID.

This Level is the hardest one in CORE (though, after beating the previous one, CONTROL certainly may seem easier due to their almost even difficulties) and uses clever tactics to keep its few, simple patterns confusing and fresh everytime. The tone of this Level is a breath of fresh air in comparison the previous ones, especially EXPLORATION. A lot of things in CONTROL give the feeling of domination, understanding over the game and its mechanics, hence the name, namely the cutscene, the happy-sounding chiptune, and the colourful backgrounds. A lot of the backgrounds can be associated to real-life objects, sometimes more or less obvious, like a clock.

The music, also seen as BIT.TRIP CORE's main theme, is a lot more joyful and chiptune-like than he previous tracks and relies a lot on sound effects, even more so in the OST. The first Stages get very repetitive, usually only adding a layer or intensifying one, but the second half of the Level diversify a lot more. The happy part of this track is supporsed to represent CommanderVideo finally able to fit into the rest of the world, and to an interpretary extent, the player's mastery of the game. Since CV can finally comprehend and fit into his world, that explains why most backgrounds are very similar to and associable with real-life objects.

If you manage to hit all the rainbow Beats, the five bars will appear from left to right, and flash in the same order as EXPLORATION, the difference being: red flashes instead of lighting up, though it still remains the last. A drum beat pattern with some delays/pauses ending off with four loud, somewhat deep and vibrating sounds resembling error sounds or disc scratching will play, and move on to the next stage and the next part of the music. If you don't, the bars will dullly appear from right to left and disappear, and you'll hear (TBA), then you'll play the next stage normally, but with the same music track as the previous one.



CommanderVideo looks upwards and raises his shoulders, confident, then the two red and green CVs come back, and CommanderVideo looks at them and frowns. The red CV offers their hand, to which he frowns even more and refuses, then flies away alone, leaving the two behind.

Actual plot: CommanderVideo is finally able to fit into the world he belongs in and determined to do so. His parents offer him help again, but he doesn't need it anymore as he now is independent, and being annoyed by the many times they came to help, he (perhaps somewhat rudely) refuses.


CommanderVideo emerges from left and flies to the right, then once more from right to left, then runs from left to right. Finally, he emerges from the top and lands on the ground, and a short chiptune also appearing in ID's and SUPER-EGO's cutscenes plays as he:

  1. jumps twice, both arms in the air;
  2. lowers his right arm and raises his right leg to the right;
  3. raises his right arm, puts his right leg back, lowers his left forearm at a 90° angle and moves his left foot to almost face the camera;
  4. folds his knees to the side and stretches both arms out towards each side;
  5. lowers both arms, stands on his right feet again and raises his left leg;
  6. repeats 4;
  7. zooms off to the right.

Actual plot: CommanderVideo learned to live for himself and is able to use his own abilities to their full extent.


CommanderVideo walks emerges running from the left and zooms off to the right, then from right to left, similarly to the previous cutscene. He then emerges from the left again and starts to spin around as two high-pitched, vibrating robotic noises play. Another CV drops right next to him, and since CommanderVideo's looking away, he bumps into them, exploding brightly and sending the CV flying. CommanderVideo looks at them lying on the ground and a deep voice, confirmed to be his own, states: "I AM NOT ALONE."

Actual plot: CommanderVideo is doing things on his own, then suddenly realizes that he is not the only person in the world that matters, nor who should matter to him.