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11 Years of the BIT.TRIP Wiki

(Art by @kyle20044)

Welcome to the New and Improved BIT.TRIP WIKI

Welcome one and all to a collective encyclopedia on all things related to the BIT.TRIP franchise, created by Choice Provisions (formerly Gaijin Games). The wiki just turned 11 years old and has only recently come under new ownership. To our regular visitors, we hope you grow comfortable with the new changes. We have a long way to go to fix this wiki up after years of neglect. Here's to it.




  • Clean up some of the major (and minor) pages.
  • Collect HD Game/Box art for the various games and the compilation re-releases.
  • Give each major page a dedicated Gallery.
  • Make pages for all games featuring cross-overs with the BIT.TRIP Series, however minor said cross-over is.