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BIT.TRIP VOID is the third game in the BIT.TRIP Hexalogy. The game is something of a bullet hell, obstacle course, and maze game hybrid, containing elements from all three genres mashed together into one. In it, the player takes control of the Void, a black hole that must collect black-coloured Beats to grow larger and increase the score, while avoiding increasingly difficult waves of white-coloured Beats. The player achieves this by pressing the action button to shrink the Void back down to its original size.

CommanderVideo has found his shadow, but he soon comes to find that his actions have effects on other people. He must come to terms with the fact that he is one of many, and that kindness goes further than selfishness.

The title theme, Valentine Final, and the credits theme, Galaxy Tonite [DMG Version], are provided by guest composter Nullsleep



Playing Id in SUPER Mode

Void : The Circle to the bottom center of the screen. Control this using the Nunchuck. In the Nintendo port, you control the void by using the circle pad.

Score and Multiplier : The score and multiplier scroll from the left of the screen to the right .

Mode : The name of the mode is shown depending on which mode you are in. In HYPER and NETHER, the name isn't shown. It does show in MEGA, SUPER, and ULTRA.

White Beat : If a player hits too many of these, they will mode down. Also, a tally at the end of every checkpoint will show how many points you lost off collecting White Beats. Each White Beat causes you to lose 100 points in-game.

Black Beat : Obtain these to grow in size, add to your score (MEGA mode and up), and mode up after constant succession of gathering Black Beats. If you fail to grab any Black Beats, you may risk a Mode Down, and lose the chance to gather points.



This is the fourth mode in this game. You will constantly gain 100 points every 20 milliseconds and your multiplier will increase by x100 upon moding up from SUPER. (ex: If you had a multiplier of x20 in SUPER, you would jump to x120). Your Void will radiate with the beat of the song. The background will every now and again flash a rainbow color as the word, "ULTRA" moves across the entire screen. Manually popping the void will emit a unique extra track, and the releasing Black Beats will explode into a striped pattern of the void. Also, cashing in will give an enormous amount of points for every Black Beat, but it is very difficult to stay in this mode for a long time because if the player makes a single mistake they will mode down.


It's ideal to be in this mode. You will get 100 points every 20 milliseconds. "Cashing in" will play MEGA Mode's rhythm and its own, as releasing Black Beats explode into squares. Every Black Beat you collect will make a noise and echo. The word, "SUPER" will be in the background as a rainbow color, as it tilts from side to side with the music with a gray outlining of the screen. You can mode up to ULTRA, or make two errors to mode down to MEGA.


This is the easiest mode up in the game. Special effects from hitting objects will occur from this mode up. Your multiplier increases by one from 2 every mesure. "Cashing in" gives you a simple rhythm for every Black beats you collect. Earn 64 beats in this mode to mode up to SUPER, or fall to HYPER by making 5 consistent errors.


This is your beginning mode. There are no special effects when hitting objects, or getting buffers. Making 9 errors in a row modes down to NETHER. By grabbing 32 beats, you'll mode up.


This mode is very bad. No music, score, or multiplier, except a phased metronome. The background becomes a flashing black and dark screen. Be VERY careful. You can redeem yourself here grabbing 8 beats to get back to HYPER again, or making 12 errors in a row can get you to a game over. Once you get a game over, you may choose to resume from the last checkpoint for one credit (These are obtained by getting certain amounts of points) and lose ALL of your points, restart from the beginning, or quit.


Players take control of a spherical black void. Black and White Beats come from all sides of the screen in a modern retro game described by GameSpot and IGN as a bullet hell game.[1][2][3] It is controlled using either the Nunchuk or the Classic Controller. Void has three levels, with 3 checkpoints and a boss at the end. Before each level is a cutscene of the main character, Commander Video. Players are tasked with hitting every Black Beats, while avoiding the White Beats. With each Black Beat hit, the void grows, and the player's combo grows with it, increasing the score more with every combo increase. However, the void also slows down if it gets too large, and if a White Beat hits the void, it will undo the void's growth and reset the combo to zero. The void may grow to great sizes, taking up most of the screen. Sometimes, the size will be too large to not hit a White Beat. This forces players to return to normal size by pushing the A button, popping the void and adding points to your total over time per beat collected (100+(combo)x(multiplier) every half beat, per white beat collected before the current pop). When the void returns to normal size, it will be accompanied with a beat with squares coming out of the void if the player is in MEGA mode or up..

Occasionally, players will obtain the ability to repel White Beats or suck in Black Beats. These are crucial for some parts. Hitting White Beats or missing Black Beats too often will send the players' void down one mode. If they continue to fail to hit the Black Beats or dodge the White Beats, they will eventually hit NETHER mode and then get a game over, and will have to start over ether at the last checkpoint or from the beginning. After dying in or beating a level, players are shown their final score, and if it is a high score, will be able to enter it in. The HUD information such as the score, combo, and the current combo plus multiplier will be shown in the background from time to time. Anywhere from one to four players may play at one time, with each player's void connected to each other, making any White Beats that hit any void affect everyone.


Every Boss is divided into three waves in this game, except in SUPER-EGO.


The boss in ID is like an obstacle course, as you must collect Black Beats that run along a path of White Beats. When you reach Wave 3, you'll have to collect the clone of your void that follows a specific path, but stays at the top of the screen to make it harder to avoid White Beats.


The boss in EGO is very similar to Pac-Man, but upside down, as you are set in a stage surrounded by White Beats, and you must collect all the White Beats to proceed to the next wave. However, in wave 2 and 3, White Voids attempt to chase you (like ghosts), and make a serious impact on your mode if they hit you (Ex: From MEGA to NETHER). However, the power-up "POWER" which makes its only appearance in the entire BIT.TRIP series, can be used to turn the White Voids into Black Voids (Like in ID), which work Vise Versa (Ex: MEGA to SUPER with just one Void), but only lasts for about 4 seconds.


The boss in SUPER-EGO is the only actual "Boss" type battle, as you must dodge an object that's made of White Beats, which shoots constant waves of White Beats. It also uses a beam attack which will instantly cause a MODE-Down. Making contact with the boss's body will most likely result in instant failure regardless of the current MODE. As the boss attacks, a map of Black Beats are laid out across the screen, and once you collect them all, the boss loses a layer of its White Beats (which you must dodge). The boss has 5 layers to break, and once you break all the layers, you beat the boss.


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