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The classic rhythm platformer is back as BIT.TRIP RERUNNER + RUNNER MAKER! The fun of the original now sports fresh mechanics, art, and soundtrack – plus RUNNER MAKER, which allows you to create custom levels. A must-play for rhythm newbies, experts, and everyone in between.

BIT.TRIP RERUNNER is the ninth entry into the BIT.TRIP series, and the fourth game in the RUNNER subseries, as well as the first game to use the series' traditional ALL-CAPS titling format since BIT.TRIP FLUX. It is a remake of BIT.TRIP RUNNER with new levels and mechanics. The game was revealed on June 28, 2023 on Choice Provisions' Twitter account and was released on September 19th, 2023[1].


RERUNNER carries much of the same spirit as the original RUNNER, from the pixel-art aesthetic, to the minimalized narrative. The three main worlds of RUNNER, IMPETUS, TENACITY, and TRIUMPH all return in newly revitalized form (renamed to Zone 1, Zone 2 and Zone 3, respectively). The levels feature a number of returning layouts from the original, however they are remixed to keep things familiar, yet fresh.

Mechanically, the game is more rooted in the original RUNNER than its sequels. Advanced mechanics such as the ground pound, slide jump, slide kick, and vehicle sections are gone, returning CommanderVideo back to his original skillset, albeit with two very welcome new additions:

  • With his new Absorb ability, CommanderVideo can release his Void from BIT.TRIP VOID, and gather black-coloured Beats scattered around certain sections of the levels. Much like it's source game, absorbing Beats for as long as possibly without shrinking offers a larger score payout. Unlike in VOID, however, only the grab range increases in size here, with the hitbox remaining the same.
  • Lastly, the new Blast ability allows CommanderVideo to shoot lasers from his eyes to break glowing blue obstacles that dot the sky and path ahead. Though this would appear to be directly inspired by BIT.TRIP FATE, it, along with Absorb, was planned to be in the original game, with Bat enemies as the intended target, however both abilities were cut from the final game.

Additional features were added to reduce difficulty, with the score multiplier being affected by their use, including an automatic stair-climbing feature and Checkpoints, which can both be turned on or off. The levels in the main campaign are overall easier than the original, and the game lacks its own Retro Challenges.

However, in addition to the main campaign, the game features every level layout from the original RUNNER (with new mechanics removed), alongside their respective Retro Challenge levels, and also features one level for each song in every other BIT.TRIP title (including Runner2 and 3), with exception to BIT.TRIP FATE, which only has three levels and three songs instead of six.

The game also touts a new RUNNER MAKER feature that allows the fanbase to make and host their own Levels for other players to enjoy (how long before it's loaded with Kaizo-hard disasters, amirite?). It was said in the "Why RERUNNER?" message in the Extras Menu that RUNNER MAKER was the primary reason for remaking RUNNER.


  • The game's title screen options chime when they're hovered over. If the player times their movements in sync with the background music, the chimes will play the series main theme song.
  • Anamanaguchi is nowhere in the soundtrack this time :(.